For several years I have enjoyed watching the way the reflections
of piers and posts in the lake interact with the variable of waves and wind.  It
depends on the kind of wind that is blowing on a particular day and the color of
the light  on that particular day. It is endlessly changing.

The season and tidal time of the month, and time of day are all particular to the
moment, and watching the waves becomes entrancing, especially in the fading
light of evening.

I have created several videos over many months. The moving picture to the right
is a very small sample

While sitting under ancient liveoaks at the Bath House Cultural Center, I noticed
among the leaves a lot of oak galls and remembered some ancient formulas.

I gathered the oak galls from the giant oaks by the lake and made the ink myself.  It is based
on the Medieval method of making permanent inks from the materials they had on hand.  It
turns out, the ink is very permanent because it 'tans' the paper.  As long as the paper lasts the
image is imprinted in the fibers themselves.  I loved the irony of making permanent
impressions of waves using the permanent staining of the paper with what lay at my feet.

The oak galls are created by insects that burrow into the wood.  The tree
protects itself by building a little home for the pest.  Later, it is shed, and the oak
provides an intense source of tannin for ink.
Post Reflection 1
Post Reflection 2
ReFlection 1
ReFlection 2
Waves 1
Post Reflection 3
New Art___
I decided in that moment to create a series of paintings made with
oak gall ink using the medieval methods.