Photo Reinterpretations
Lawrence likes to reinterpret photos that he often produces himself with a
variety of digital sources.  

Lately, he has opened up his personal schedule for a variety of private customers.
He often begins with a standard
"photograph," perhaps a snapshot taken
from some moment of time.
The digitized version of a photograph is
a long series of artistic decisions:

First, the cropping of a photograph is a
very important decision that increases
dramatic  focus.
Next, form and texture are developed to
produce an image that is not simply a
photograph, but a digital artwork
very close to a painting.  These
decisions are made on the basis of
Lawrence's Master of Fine Arts level of
aethetics and thirty years as a producer
of fine art in many media.
One of Lawrence's true loves is the
quality of paint and the many ways it
can be applied with not only brushes,
but scrapers and even fingertips! Oil
emulsion paints have been used for
centuries, and is found to withstand age
and exposure well beyond digital prints.
It is no surprise that oil paints are still
the preferred material for classic

The love of good oil paint and
related materials, and their
applications transforms a
photograph of a moment in a
person's life into art that will
endure the tests of time.
In this case, a rock climber was photographed throughout a
day of freeclimbing and a series of the photos were
combined to create a dramatic representation of connections
between the climber and the rock face.
A mischievous youg girl snapped and painted
to reinterpret the drama of a moment in the
child's early emotional development.
A beautiful young woman in a
moment of reverie  wearing the
outfit she made herself for her
senior prom!
In this case, a photograph is cropped and developed into a classic 'black and white'
print for  the grandparents of this delightful child.  Pigment-based printing inks are
beginning to be considered archivally stable enough for fine art production.
And of course, drama can be found everywhere,
This moment of curiosity couldn't be denied.
The color and powerful abstraction arrived only
after hours of contemplation, and many, many
steps in the process.
Consider the possibilities in those treasured digital photographs you have collected, and
send several to:    

and he will review them for painting or giclee' treatment.  Lawrence does most of his painting as
commissioned collaborations between the customer and himself.  

The outcome is often a significant artwork, and the prices very negotiable, based on size and difficulty.