Paintings by LPKaster
currently unsold originals
White Flower                             56w x 65h  Oil on canvas
Preserver 1      26w x 24h     Oil on canvas
Preserver 2       26w x 24h    Oil on canvas
Koi Circle          48w x 36h     Oil on canvas
Koi Painting                           Oil on canvas
Florida Bay 1   55w x 60h             Oil on canvas
Florida Bay 2    55w x 60h            Oil on canvas
All images and sounds © LPKaster 2008
Red Action painting  18w x 18h  acrylic on acrylic
Green Action painting 18w x 18h   acrylic on acrylic
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Bath House Beach, White Rock Lake
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I like to begin with photographs and then reinterpret
the light that has been gathered by the camera, in
the medium of paint.   It is not the same as a
photograph. I can print the giclee image easily on on
a variety of papers, and even canvas.  

All my paintings can be bought as prints.

Paint has its own very special qualities, and so I let
the paint speak on the canvas.   
Let paint be paint!

I like oil paint, unlike acrylic paint, the color is the
same wet or dry.  I like it also because it is a very
'natural' medium that comes from organic sources.
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