New Art____
* All images are available as giclee print or commissioned painting, any size
These colors are chosen for their contemporary appeal, but future projects can include commissioned palettes as well.
Originally the paper pieces included hand-applied dotted
regions, but over time they have developed textures that
go beyond the simple activation of dotted partterns.
In this example the dotted patterns are distorted along with the layering of patterns.
* These newer stripe images reunited with the stripe paintings of late 2009.  
These are  examples of the interactivity of colors and textures, and the
  range of the work I intend to pursue as time permits.
My interest here is in the interactivity of color as they are separated by other colors
and arranged to be "read" in the same way a story might unfold in a narrative.

First, the overall structure vibrates with the possibilities of one color against another.
The volume of each color causes reflexive comparisons and moderate the influence
and direction the eye will take as it scans, looking for correspondences.  Most often, a
color that appears to be different is in fact, the same- but it is moderated by the
neighboring stripes.  I mean this to create internal tensions that lead the eye to further
investigatory wandering, a vibratory enjoyment of pure color.

Second, the textures and flow of paint in the actual paintings create another level that
leads to the pure enjoyment of the qualities of paint.  In the giclee prints, this is
achieved through the detail of the printed fields.  In paint, it is the way the paint is
thinned and applied, whether glossy, richly held in a transparent medium, (in most
cases Damar resin, as it does not yellow.)  Or flat, revealing the texture of the canvas
or the flow of the paint across the open space.
1_2_16   09/2010
1_2_9   09/2010
1_2_14   09/2010
1_2_18   09/2010
4_2_1_4circle   10/2010
2_5_4_2c    12/2010
1_2_7    11/2010
1_2_6        11/2010
all images        2010    Lawrence P Kaster
Including the "TaiChi" style drawings adds another dimension to
the growing complexity of this series.