Pyrographic Drawings
These panels are drawn on thin plywood or even rare single-thickness antique wood. (This is reminiscent
of medieval painted icons.)  Once the dye colors are applied, I use several grades of woodburning tips and
torches to create the deep. rich blacks.  
I like this because the wood grain is still apparent in the burned
areas and also in the colors.
 Some have a thickly applied encaustic medium that makes the patterns
appear as if under a blanket of snow.   I like to apply the dotted borders to really determine the shapes in
areas that overflow with color or burned patterns.
Lupin and Sage                       12" x 12"
Copper Pots                          12" x 12"
Pyrographic drawing with Nasturtiam                                                       12" x 12"
Orange Tide Labyrinth                                   12" x 12"
Pyrographic drawing with encaustic                     14" x 16"
All images copyright       2010 Lawrence P Kaster
Potato Starch Deva         Pyrograph                            19w x 24h