"Any Road"
"Close This Door"
(A two-part image)
"Red Boxcar"
"Resist Control"
"Ron Dizo"
"QGRY 80666"
"Fillmore Slim"
"West Coast"
New painting started 4/16/10
  finished 4/22/10
"Broward 11"
All of the images on this page are
currently giclee prints only, except the
two painted versions to the left.

I am  rendering oil painted
interpretations as some interest has
surfaced since the beginning of the
"STE 2041"
Painting begun 4/23  finished 5/4
"Let's Get Dangerous"
All of these images were acquired from a
rail heading near my house, and exist
primarily as digital images to be printed.

I have interpreted some of them in paint,
and for commission and I will consider doing
more in the future as interests prevail.