New Koi Paintings
Here are some new images from my trip to the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens on Sunday October 5th. I
have a lot more to process over the next week or two, as well as some video footage.  Each "cell" from
a digital videotape has the potential for a usable image, and I took nearly an hour's worth.  The Koi
were very friendly and while I was out on a stepping-stone path across a shallow corner of the pond
they obligingly circled all around me in a playful manner.  Koi are very interested in what I am doing
with my camera most of the time.  Extremely friendly.

I am also toying with a new shape, actually several new canvas shapes.  The stretcher I currently
have and have been planning to use is eight-sided.
Eight-sided shapes, besides being considered to be especially "lucky" in Chinese Feng-shui, are
intriguing for many other reasons.  Of course, if I need to stick to the old rectangular format I certainly
can.  It is just an interesting possibility I plan to explore in the near future. Let me know if you might be
interested in this.
Back in my kite-making days, I produced a lot of kites in this shape,
with curved bones across the back.  I'll try to draw this later, but for
now, the shape of the painting is what matters.
As I mentioned, I have several hundred images to go through, most of them seem quite
usable.  For now, these first images represent where I would like to go now.  It was
mentioned that the Ultramarine (dark blue) was one of the favorite parts of the Myrtle
Beach paintings.  These certainly could have a prevalence of rich blues, accented with
some "hotter" colors.  Let me know what you might prefer out of these.  There are more
to come, of course.
I use a grid to plan my paintings all the time now.  Sometimes
the pencil lines from the sketches are also incorporated in the
final painting, just slightly visible. You have to look for them.    I
feel this is incorporating a sense of the process in the final
painting, not an uncommon thing to do since the beginning of
Modern painting.
In Postmodern painting  it might even be expected!  I don't
know, it just feels right to me.  I also feel the eight-sided shape
has some interesting dynamics.
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