Tetchu 1   image: 12 x 8   
Tetchu 2   image: 12 x 8   
Tetchu 3  image: 12 x 8   
Tetchu 3  image:  12 x 8   
Action paintings are very energetic, impromptu deliveries of color and form
that activate and invigorate any wall, in a home or office.
Remulac 1        
Remulac 2        
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# 20
Plotic 1
Plotic 2
Plotic 3
Plotic 4
Chortu 2
Chortu 1
These works on paper are particularly effective in a group.
The browns in these ink paintings is a natural ink made from Oak galls,
harvested locally
and created using medieval European methods.
Ink Painting #2
Ink Painting #4
These paintings can be created for a specific project.  

Please specify color scheme,
and image size, size of paper and whether they will be "floated" ie. placed on
top of a mat or in a "window" of a cut mat.
Ink Painting #3
Ink Painting #1
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