Stencil Painting 1       18 x 18   Oil on canvas
Stencil Painting 2        18 x 18   Oil on canvas
Eighteen Stripes 1       48w x 36h                        Oil on canvas
Onion    SOLD                     60w x 48h                     Acrylic on canvas
Seal                              60w x 48h                    Acrylic on canvas
Abstract Paintings
by Lawrence P Kaster
Better Worth     48w x 60h      Acrylic on canvas
Moulin     48w x 60h       Acrylic on canvas
Blue Maze         36w x 30h                           Oil on canvas    
all images © Lawrence P Kaster
Circle and Stripes                   60 x 40                        Oil on canvas
It has been suggested that these two paintings look great when
stacked, at 64"+ depending on how they are spaced.   Sometimes
you need to really fill a wall, and this is a great solution.
Urban Abstract #31     Acrylic on canvas   30 x 40
Similar paintings to this one are in the
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Building on
Central Expressway and Campbell Rd
in Dallas, Tx
Orange Damar   raku painting #1            Sold
Orange Damar     raku painting #2                   SOLD
Giclee Print:         "Anhouse"   
can be printed any size
For a price list click HERE
Hallways of the Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Building, Dallas, Texas
These paintings are based on some
computer-generated images created in
Adobe Photoshop, then were plotted
out and reinterpreted with high-quality
acrylic paints.