CICADA has been over a year in the
making, rather long for me, but I am
now very positive about every track
One of the innovations in my instrument that is very
apparent on this CD is "pitch modulation," or if
preferred, "correction"    But if it is exactly the effect I
want, how can it be "wrong?" or be a correction?
I used a lot of "found sounds" on this CD.  I use a small
recorder that I take everywhere with me, and collect
sounds that interest me, starting with some frog courtship
vocals collected by a friend in East Texas.  They figure
prominently in "Dawn in the Green Temple."  On "Goose"
were the sounds of geese bedding down  for the night at
White Rock Lake, Dallas, my favorite place to wander.  
I like the "found sounds" effect so much that they will
figure even more prominently in my next CD, BIG  KOTO.

No surprise, I have enough good stuff to get it done in
half the time it took to finalize CICADA.
BIG KOTO  Is already being finalized while I am creating this
page.  The list seems to change from week to week, though.  
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Soundcloud if you like or drop me a note on which
tracks you prefer.  SOUNDCLOUD is a music hosting site.
                                            Thanks for listening.
I have listened for years to the
Shakuhachi recording from
Watazumido Shuso.
"The Mysterious Sounds of
the Japanese Flute

Several tracks are my response with
a gestural electronic instrument
to the
Wabi of Watazumido Shuso.

No real comparison could be made,
but it did get me on a good track.
...there's something deeper and if you would go deeper, if you go to the source of where the music
is being made, you'll find something even more interesting. At the source, everyone's individual
music is made. If you ask what the deep place is, it's your own life and it's knowing your own life,
that own way that you live."
   - Watazumi
Pitch Modulation is considered by some die-hard
thereminists to go against the very nature of a unique and  
naturally "portamento" instrument.
Those who are unfamiliar with conventional theremin
playing have no difficulty accepting what they hear if it is
pleasing to them