Marco Polo Movie on Netflix uses Yarrow Stalks from Texas


Yarrow from Texas

How surprised I was last year to ship not one, but 3 sets of stalks to Maylasia, where I later learned a bio – epic concerning Marco Polo was being filmed.


When the series aired on Netflix I watched several episodes, but became impatient, finally and fast-forwarded through the rest to discover what scene or scenes they might appear. It turns out only the final episode of the first series had a quick scene with a Taoist Oracle declaring “The I Ching does not lie…”

Never mind the absolutely ridiculous declaration, but for authenticity ‘ s sake, would ‘ he better use the term “Yi Jing” and show a few more moments of how they would be handled? So I was disappointed with the whole series, except for the last few scenes of Mongols sitting around their encampment playing Horse Fiddles¬† (Morin Khuur).



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