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Microscopic Views of Real Silk Strings

Last month I bought a 2000X endoscope camera to look more closely at my Silk strings.  I find it very interesting to compare some of the fibers from different sources. To the left is a Chinese Bombyx Mori silk that … Continue reading

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Gourd Resonator Lute

I acquired several medium sized gourds a few years back, and slowy discovered how to best use them as I intended, to make musical instruments.  Gourds have traditionally served as resonating bodies in musical instruments, either as the main body, … Continue reading

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Spinning in Texas

You might remember my electronic  music, including Theremin from some years back. Some might notice I stopped recording about 5 years ago. I have been focusing on an acoustic interest that goes back decades before I built my Theremin. I … Continue reading

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Traditional Medicine for Silk Strings

BAI JI…for treating silk strings for Asian instruments Available here. A Bletilla striata rhizome Even the very best silk strings after more than a few years, will become a little hairy. This is in fact the process that creates rich … Continue reading

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Yao Stave Box Construction

Making boxes …by hand begins with scoring the folds. I use the tip of a burnising tool. This makes it easier to make sharp folds exactly in place. I fold the tabs backward: They will be inserted later. The sides … Continue reading

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Tying a Bundle of Yarrow

A customer contacted me recently and asked me to post a description of the way I tie my bundles of Yarrow. I was a little surprised, but it soon occurred that it may not be as obvious a sort of … Continue reading

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Ramala or “ilm Al-ramal” Divination Dice

The practice of Geomancy originated with Middle Eastern shaman. One practice was to draw patterns in the sand to invoke earth energies. From these patterns a range of meanings became standardized. To this day there are practitioners in many parts … Continue reading

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Moon Lute (Yueqin)

How complex a musical instrument is! Once I started this project, it loomed forth with so many steps I had never taken. New ideas about how to approach each detail came to me in my waking dreams. I had been … Continue reading

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New sets of Long Dice

A new source of exotic woods has brought me renewed interest in the Zhang Shaizi that introduced last year. I found some really fine Ebony and a nice little box to present them. They were unique in that the ‘pips’ … Continue reading

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Real Silk Strings: Advice

Someone wrote while addressing me, and suggested they might like to attempt to make some Silk strings for their own use. I replied: I would recommend, if you haven’t already, that you get a copy of the Yu-ku-chai-ch’in-pu translated by … Continue reading

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