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People ask me if I am ever bored when I do things they find tedious. I would suggest to someone like Oscar Levant that they REALLY pay attention and their boredom would be dispelled.
“I never go to concerts anymore. If the artist is good, I’m jealous. If he isn’t, I’m bored.” -Oscar Levant

The Japanese character “Raku” is a beating drum, and suggests the idea of rhythm, happiness and pleasure.  So Raku Loop for  Theremin wouldn’t be a bad idea but I doubt that it would catch on.
For my silk strings, I will need to provide a “filler” to make them smooth, and be sure my adhesive stays intact, yet flexible.  I am looking at a montmorillonite clay. An idea offered about “Moonstone” (or feldspar!) would not seem far off, except for its thixotropic properties. A much finer microcrystalline clay should be better for this purpose. Montmorillonite clays have almost organic properties and can form polymers. I am looking at Grolleg clay, that I am very familiar with as a porcelain clay, for my strings. It will provide a smooth, flexible surface. The natural PVA compound that I have been exploring is the perfect adhesive, I believe.

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