As Seen on TV:
"In 2003 there was a surge of dissent for the invasion of Iraq.  It is unclear whether
there should now be a nationwide shout of "I  told you so!"  Perhaps it is enough to
prove that not everyone was taken in by the claims from the executive branch.  My
contribution was to videotape the entire day of parades and protests.  I thought it
was interesting to present the stills as they would appear on TV if there had been
actual news coverage of the event.  Not only this, but I thought further, that so much
of what we know is presented in this format.  Now, of course, the shape of a video
screen is changing rapidly.  This somewhat convex presentation is fast giving way
to rectangular high-definition screens that will soon make these images have an
old-fashioned quality.  Perhaps that may increase the impact."
"Once I had found the TV format, I also applied it to Cirque Du Soleil.  One particular clown act really
blew me away, and on tape I watched parts of it again and again until I found some of my favorite
frames.  I even found the video scan-lines add a certain dynamism."
"I think the idea originated when Bob
Dylan appeared at the 2001 Academy
Awards on a giant TV Screen.
I managed to catch the magical moment
with my camera recording the giant
screen appearance on my own little
screen.  Then I printed it, scanned it and
put it here for you to see on your own
little screen.  How 'bout that?"
--Lawrence P Kaster