When I was a kid my dad brought home a lot of electronic
goodies for us kids to play with.  My interests led me to
acoustic circuits, oscillators and sound controllers.  One
project I never completed was what I discovered, much later,
to be a "Theremin."  I just didn't know what I wanted back
then.  It took me nearly 30 years to come back to it
It was Christopher at "Old Temecula" who placed his
designs on the internet that made me realize I could do
this.  There are a lot of good designs available now, but
his plans included etching the circuitry on a copper
board.  This appealed to me, now an artist trained in
intaglio techniques.  The idea of etchings that carry
electronic signals made me feel in some sense I had
come "full circle"  on my lifepath
What is a Theremin?  A
quick search on the internet
will reveal a growing interest
in building and playing these
simple, and difficult to play,
musical instruments.

Check out
Theremin World.

Christopher's excellent  
Ultimate 2" theremin

Or try "
Art's Theremin Page"
for even more information.

Music From Outer Space
a fantastic site for musical
analog circuitry.
Sure, at this point it looks pretty scattered
and "
Rube Goldberg" would be impressed.
I am currently working on a cabinet that will, I
hope, be worthy of housing my electronic

My plan called for a
three-legged support,
so the "box" becomes
a trapezoid.  Plexiglas
inserts will carry images.
The front panel will
hold the adjusting
potentiometers, switches,
etc.  The side panels will
accommodate the antennas
and their adjustments.  
They have great decorative
potential.  The top will be
the resting place for my
laptop with MIDI and other
music software.  Behind this
will be a built-in speaker that
I am currently designing.

I am surprised at how simple
a sound emitting device can
really be.  What did the
true pioneers of electronic
music use to deliver their
signals to the human ear
?            Resourcefulness!

A "speaker" can be simply an electromagnetic
coil attached to a resonating membrane.  A fixed
magnetic source is maintained at an optimum
position to fluctuate physical
pressures of the magnetic fields.  I am looking
for good photos of those early "speakers"
connected to Leon Termen's instruments.  The
Ondes Martenot had several interesting
sound-delivery systems that intrigue me

"Sixth voice" Wave shaper
design by Christopher at "
Old Temecula"
So here is my current instrument, with the upper theremin,
and below it will be a PAiA tube preamp, envelope
generator, and a VCO.  I am making a small keyboard that
will set into the lower stage: perhaps to become a
synthesizer?  I can also visualize speakers between the
front legs.  This instrument will be unique.
Leon Termen c.1928

Meanwhile, too, I am developing new stages that        
can shape the sounds it makes.
     I think my circuit-building
                    skills are improving, too
ASDR Envelope generator from  MFOS site
Voltage controlled
Thanks, Scott Lee of PAiA  You have been
very helpful.  I really recommend this company
for analogue instrument kits.
Expression Spiral
Theremin Stage
Thanks, Lev!                                    
You are the one so ahead of your
time, with the still unresolved vision!
My TMax 9505 D Theremin
Yes, and I still have some exciting ideas for exotic speakers.  
This will take another page!  Maybe another year
Tone arm
I modified my tone arm.  It is a nichrome kiln heating
element inside an acrylic tube.  The extra resistance of
the nichrome and the increased capacitance of the tube
are interesting....
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