Caddo Lake is in East Texas.  I have a friend
who lives out in the swamp and he recorded the
tree frogs for me last week.  It inspired this little
composition that I think captures some of the
mystery of the hanging Spanish moss and
massive trunks of Cypress.  

Years ago I camped on the edge of Caddo
Lake and the frogs were chanting in hypnotic
rhythms that reminded me of Tibetan chants.
I swore one day I would make something of this,
and though this is a short construction, I think I
will be doing more with this as the months go
on.  My friend says the songs change
throughout the season, and we will collaborate
as we collect material.  I did very little to  the  
recording from a Sony ICD-P320.  My theremin
is being controlled somewhat with a "snap-filter"
and as usual an array of other filters.  The
actual theremin playing, however, is completely
improvised, as is the (virtual) Erhu on keyboard.
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