This is an announcement of a new CD Release by
LPKaster, offering a giclee poster of the cover art.  
Song List:

Monkeyhouse                           1:56:00

A Polite Chatter                              5.00.52

White Rock Suite  (in four

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Stars of the Fallen Angels
                             (in five movements)

Regulus                                       8:25:19

Fomalhaut                                           6:14:19

Aldebaran                                            5:31:01

Antares                                                 6:42:02

Reprise                                                  2:09:00

Plenty of Fun                            7:34:17

Tibetan Plateau                        7:28:17
The autographed poster is offered as a means of financing the release of the CD.  It is priced at $45.00 plus
shipping and handling charges.  It is 13" x 14.5" unframed, in a mail tube for delivery to the address given.