Traditional Medicine for Silk Strings

BAI JI…for treating silk strings for Asian instruments

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A Bletilla striata rhizome

Even the very best silk strings after more than a few years, will become a little hairy.

This is in fact the process that creates rich sound and subtlety. But too much does dampen the vibration to an extent that treating the string with the right substance will maintain and extend their best sound qualities.

These strings have been played almost daily for two years.

The same strings have been treated with one of the pads infused with the extract of Bletilla striata- the Chinese medicinal,  Bai ji.

Bai ji Pad

Stroke the individual strings in one direction; with the direction of twist-  most often toward the Yueh-shan, or “bridge” where the strings are knotted, but this might not always be the case. Observe closely how the tiny hairs begin to reincorporate. If they pull further away, you are stroking the wrong direction. The inner layer of the pad will gently remove loose hairs.  Regularly treating your strings will make them last longer and maintain their sound.

Sericin glue mixture with Baiji

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