Yao Stave Box Construction

Making boxes …by hand begins with scoring the folds.

I use the tip of a burnising tool. This makes it easier to make sharp folds exactly in place.

I fold the tabs backward:

They will be inserted later.

The sides are folded upward:

A length of poplar wood is cut to the exact width of the box, and glued in place.

Glue is spread on 3 sides. 

The end tab is folded in, and glued in place under the wood. The end piece is rolled over twice.

Then everything is held in place with pins until dry.

The Sleeve is a simple rectangle with a series of folds.

The Sleeve is folded around the tray to be sure it fits, then it is glued.

Though the concept is simple enough, to adjust the correct size of everything and print it exactly the first time, required several hours of adjustments. I print both sides of the tray.

The background pattern is a silk pattern from the Mawangdui archaeological find.

As you see. It is a perfect container for the Yao Staves as I described several months ago.

Yao Staves in boxes

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