Tying a Bundle of Yarrow

A customer contacted me recently and asked me to post a description of the way I tie my bundles of Yarrow. I was a little surprised, but it soon occurred that it may not be as obvious a sort of thing as I had assumed.

I thought for some time, that at least when someone received a set of Yarrow from me, they would simply reverse the steps of untying a bundle. But I soon realized that many would probably just slip the cord off the end, and leave a pile of cord on the table in front of them. If one had a sleeve, this tying, again, would be unnecessary of course.

It simply starts with a slipknot or lasso,


several turns; then a spiral to the other end.

Wrap around

Several turns then spiral back to the loose end and tie. -Bow knot, if you want to

easily untie it,

You can tighten it all by sliding the ends outward. (Sort of like a Chinese finger-trap)

Chinese “finger trap”

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