New sets of Long Dice

A new source of exotic woods has brought me renewed interest in the Zhang Shaizi that introduced last year.

I found some really fine Ebony and a nice little box to present them.


They were unique in that the ‘pips’ were not filled with red clay and wax that I had used in the past. It seemed to me a contemporary, minimalist approach with some appeal.

I also found some Kingwood with wonderful grain patterns. Kingwood is a form of Rosewood that is known particularly for this distinctive characteristic. It seems every appearance of Dalbergia has a different name!


Kingwood Shaizi

There are also some Olive wood pieces on which I burned the pips to create a better contrast.  I’m still making little felt bags for them.


The more of these I make, the better they have become in terms of the polish and proportions, the variety of woods and markings.


There is also a small set in Cocobolo, another kind of wood in the Rosewood family. I kept them simple and small to fit in small hands.

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