What Started All That

A gentleman I met yesterday complained about how the Internet has changed the way commerce is conducted in the world today. After I listened for a few minutes, I briefly outlined my progress with online sales in the last few years.


I said that about 20 years ago I had it in mind to do something I had thought about since I was quite young, and that was to simply plant a small section of Yarrow, a simple weed that I had read about inthe Wilhellm-Baynes translation of the I Ching when I was in High School, a weed grows profusely in abandoned fields around Austin, Texas. Yarrow grows all over the world, in fact, but it was when we were visiting friends there that I took a few roots home and placed them in a patch at home. “Why do you want to plant those weeds in our garden?” Martha asked incredulously. I told Martha, “One day I’ll sell the stems of these plants to people all over the world.”

Yes, I had been thinking about this a very long time, in fact I had almost bought home root samples on several occasions simply because it is a wonderful medicinal plant on its own. The leaves are a wonderful, ferny, soft and fragrant tapestry. That it does, in fact, grow up in early summer into tall stems with simple, white flowers is a detraction for those who prefer a tidy, restrained, picturebook sort of garden. There are more colorful varieties, too, that one buys at the local nursery with showy colors and restrained growth, hybrids that will grow for a season and die in winter. They do not come back, and their stems are too short, anyway- for my purposes.


I consulted the Oracle years ago. “Will it be a good idea to plant Yarrow, to offer to the world for the purpose of consulting the Oracle, in the traditional way?”

The Oracle replied, “One day there will be instant communication of words and pictures. This will cause great good fortune, when the wise engage in honest commerce in open engagements.”


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