My series of "Stripe Paintings" printed and finished with
brushstrokes in a shiny metallic medium here placed in an
automobile dealership.
The prints to the Left were based on
an original painting (above) that is now
hanging in a properties firm outside of
Dallas.  I photographed the painting,
reworked the photo and printed four
versions.  There are endless possible
variations of color to explore in this line
of painting and derivative giclee.
Sometimes a really good idea is based on another idea-
one idea drives another.  The flexibility to accomplish
this requires us to stay "unstuck" from traditional modes
and use the technology that is now available.
The framed art is "enhanced"
giclee, that is the prints are
overpainted with an acrylic
glaze.  In this case, the glaze
contains microscopic particles
of mica. The mica is flat and
very reflective, so there are
millions of tiny mirrors with
enough space between to
show what is underneath
reflecting a silvery glow.  The
acrylic emulsion protects the
ink from UV radiation and also
enhances the sense of depth
in the print.